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Business Partnerships

Direct Response is the perfect partner if you would like to expand your business by promoting and providing telecom services.

We have a universal partner model suitable for all business sizes. We can help whether you are a large company looking to take on white labelled, dual branded or dealer services from multiple tier one carriers. Or maybe you are a small independent business person wishing to pass leads to our sales team and earn an income.

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Telecoms Rebiller

Telecoms Rebiller is perfect for you if you currently contract, provision and invoice customers directly but also want to take advantage of improved rates and telecoms suppliers coupled with high level account management.

If this is the case you can join one of many telecoms rebilling companies we partner with.

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Essentially your business can run exactly the same as a rebiller contracting directly with the telecoms carriers. You will have the benefits of making more margin and saving more money, only having to partner with one company whilst having complete access to all of our telecoms and wider unique selling points and solutions.

Dealer Partner Services

The process is simple and all that is required is you sign the customer to a Direct Response service. You can then have the peace of mind that your customer will be provisioned, billed, and account managed as promised by you at the point of sale. We will also conduct all credit checks and payment collections on your behalf. We promise to pass on all savings and competitive rates we have access to.

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Introducer Partner

The Introducer Partner service is ideal for you if you have a good database of customers with potential telecoms requirements and do not want to become a dealer or a rebiller telecoms company but would like to take advantage of all potential revenues.

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How It Works

It is very simple; all you need to do is pre-qualify your sales leads and pass them over to us. We will then contact the prospect, qualify the opportunity and take them all the way through the sales process to signed contract. As a customer we will provision them for you and bill them by monthly invoice for services used. We will also account and support the customer and ensure the customer benefits from an award winning customer experience. At the end of each month we will promptly pay you your monthly commission earned from the customers' revenues.

Telecoms Dual Branded Partner

Dual branded services have been developed if your business is looking to contract directly with the customer, retain legal ownership of the end customer and also benefit from all of the customers turn over.

Further major benefits of dual branding is that you will not have to have the operational cost of provisioning, monthly billing and also sales support as we will assist you in all stages of the sales cycle from analysis, pricing and proposals.

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Why are we the perfect partner?

We guarantee to consistently provide the following to each customer:

  • Find out exactly what you want and need to make your business more successful
  • We develop and deploy a service that provides this for you
  • Give you this service at the highest possible quality time and time again
  • Make sure we do ordinary things extraordinarily well

These four things are underpinned by our culture, our management systems, our processes and our recruitment policy.

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