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Global angels Foundation

We focus our efforts on those living in extreme poverty or disadvantage: street kids, orphans, trafficked kids, marginalised women and families, child slaves and those suffering as a result of devastated environmental conditions or natural disasters.

Our partner projects are strategically designed to equip individuals and their communities to turn their lives around, family by family, village by village, and in so doing, build their own model for sustainability.

Cgildren rescued from street

Water for life

Through our 100% Promise, every penny we receive from public donations goes directly to tangible on-the-ground resources such as water food, education, homes, rehabilitation, medical care and disaster relief.

Water Project

Drawing on an international team of professionals and volunteers, we work in partnership. resourcing best practice projects which empower women and children, families and communities.

By putting our passion into action, volunteering time, energy, skills and raising funds, together with strategic partnerships, we are building an effective response to the needs of the most vulnerable children and their communities.

Slavery today is:

  • A six year old girl in Cambodia sold by her parents into the sex industry, servicing nine men a day.
  • A 12 year-old boy forced at gunpoint to join a rebel group and commit atrocities against his friends and family.
  • A Nepalese teenager, trafficked into a brothel in Mumbai, her toddler sleeping beneath her bed, her owner plotting to sell the baby as a virgin child in two years time.
  • Children crawling into underground mines on their hands and knees to dig for the raw material to make electronic gadgets like iPhones, Blackberries and laptops.
The projects

Mobile Health Clinics

We will be funding the annual budget for two 'mobile health clinics' serving a total of around 4,000 people, managed by our on-the-ground partners. The clinics will work to maintain a health system throughout the villages and will provide health campaigns, reproductive health services, regular school-based care, dental services and respond to emergencies such as obstructed labour. In some cases they may carry out amputations for landmine victims.

Mobile Health Clinics

Previous medical clinics within Karen State have seen amazing results: Each home now has a toilet, most will boil their water and the rate of malaria has decreased to under 3%.

The mobile clinics are designed so that staff can evacuate patients and hide or evacuate supplies should the Burmese Army move in on their location. Three previous clinics have been overrun although have since been rebuilt so they can continue with their medical care to the local communities.

How can you help?

To find out how you can help Global Angels make a difference to Kids all over the world please visit their donations page that lists all of their fantastic causes:

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