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At Direct Response we are committed to providing you with outstanding customer service. We want to ensure that we are always listening to our customers, to better understand their concerns and respond appropriately. We accept that occasionally things can go wrong but we see these situations as an opportunity for us to resolve the problem and demonstrate our culture of putting the customer at the heart of what we do.

How to raise a complaint

 Firstly, you should always feel comfortable to contact the customer services team that manages your account, and you can find the right number to call by clicking here. The representative you speak to will be happy to listen to the details of your issues and from that point, own your case with the intention of solving any issues as quickly as possible.

To help us to bring resolution, please can you ensure that you have the following information ready for when you call:

• Your Direct Response Account Number
• A contact telephone number that we can call you on during working hours
• As much detail as you can provide about the issue to help us understand where we went wrong
• What you feel we can do to fairly resolve the matter

Nearly always, we can resolve your complaint first time.
Once we have resolved your complaint, we then use it to see if we can identify any areas for improvement within our business. If we can, we will implement these actions. We take this so seriously that it is central to our ISO 9001 compliance requirement. We really appreciate your feedback and we will always be grateful for your participation in this.
If you are unsatisfied with the solution being offered by our representative, then you can ask that the matter is escalated. A member of our Management Team will review the situation and contact you within 24 working hours to discuss if anything further can be done to resolve your complaint.


Complaints Team


On the very rare occasions where a manager is unable to resolve things to a point where you are satisfied with the solution that is presented, the matter will then be escalated to our Board of Directors. At this point, they will complete a full investigation of all aspects of your account and the circumstances resulting in your complaint.

At Direct Response, we aim to resolve all complaints received by the Board of Directors within 10 working days. If we are unable to provide a suitable solution for you after this, or if 8 weeks have passed since your initial complaint, then subject to your eligibility, we will provide you the details of our Ombudsman Service, or if the matter does not meet their criteria we will advise you of our final position.

The Board of Directors can team can be contacted directly if you feel that matter is of a sufficiently serious or sensitive nature by contacting us on our main head office number.


Ombudsman Services: Communications


Ombudsman Services: Communications provides an independent service to customers who are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint. You must make your complaint to Ombudsman Services: Communications within six months of receiving a 'Deadlock' letter. If you have not received a 'Deadlock' letter you must contact Ombudsman Services: Communications within nine months of issuing a complaint to Direct Reponse.

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730
Phone: 0845 050 1614
Fax: 01925 430 059
Text phone: 0845 051





Ofcom is the regulatory body for the communications industry. Ofcom oversees our service provision within the terms of the Communications Act 2003 that are relevant to us.

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