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Blackberry Solutions

Blackberry Solutions

Our BlackBerry services enable you to increase your business productivity whilst on the move. BlackBerry services allow remote, real time and secure access to emails anywhere via a company's current infrastructure. Depending on your email requirements, we offer three BlackBerry solutions.


  • Blackberry battery life is significantly better than most of today's smartphones.
  • The email capability is comprehensive even allowing documents like word and excel to be edited straight from an attachment.
  • The provision of a QWERTY keyboard for some devices means typing longer emails can be easier.

Which Blackberry solution is for you?


Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

This is ideal for larger organisations and it provides the full range blackberry capability including Blackberry messenger. 


Blackberry Enterprise Service Express (BESX)

This is ideal for the SME market as a user licence isn't required. All Blackberry server software can be downloaded free from the Blackberry website. 


Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

This solution is ideal for the SOHO or single user market. No installing of the Blackberry software is required. 

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