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Fixed Mobile Convergence

Business Mobiles - Fixed mobile convergence

Join Together Your Landlines and Mobile

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) brings together mobile and IP telephony, creating a unified communications solution allowing you to integrate mobile users in the same way as desk-based users. This means everybody can benefit from a raft of communications functionality.

Remote workers become as easy to contact as their desk-based colleagues and have instant access to all the same communication and collaboration tools. Mobile calls can be routed out over IP and ISDN to reduce costs.

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Because we're both landline and mobile specialists we're best positioned to help you take advantage of Fixed Mobile Convergence.

Unified Communications

Improve Business Collaboration with Direct Response Unified Communications

By joining all of your communications platforms into a singular solution there are numerous benefits to be achieved including:

  • 'One Bill' invoicing across all of your communications platforms.
  • A single number to reach you across either your landline or mobile devices.
  • Collaboration tools that integrate hardware and software applications for greater productivity.
  • Enjoy huge cost savings on calls made between your landlines and your fleet of mobile devices.
  • Comprehensive fraud monitoring across your entire communications network.

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The power of communication

Direct Response Unified Communication Solutions can bring together your team like never before. Unlock the power of your communication tools by joining together desktop applications, landlines and mobiles.

  • Team landlines, mobile phones and PCs are all inter-connected in one central network
  • Instantly connect with team members via the most appropriate method whether their on a call, away from their desk or out of the office.
  • Set up network level call routing so hunt groups receive the calls relevant to them

The Power of Information

Understand your network more closely by combining mobiles, desktops and landlines into one central platform. Gain a holistic view on what's happening across your entire network within a few clicks.

  • Identify your busiest departments and where teams are dropping calls.
  • Setup real-time fraud alerting to help control bill spend and prevent telephony fraud.
  • Control user profiles all from a single user console.

The Power of Progress

Direct Response Fixed Mobile Convergence helps business to change the way it interacts with its employees for even greater operational efficiency.

  • Setup home workers easily without the need for expensive ACD equipment.
  • Virtualise your call centre or hunt groups making moving location as simple as play and play.
  • Future-proof your network with the latest VOIP telephony.
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