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Intelligent Call Routing      

Direct Response is a strong advocate and user of call routing plans over NGN services. We consistently use intelligent network routing to ensure seamless transferring of calls between our customers and our two UK call centres. 

Is Intelligent Call Routing for you?

Our Intelligent Call Routing solutions help businesses to avoid customer frustration by ensuring that they always receive the correct response from the relevant person or department.

We offer an extensive range of routing services to match your specific business requirements.

Intelligent Call Routing

Intelligent Call Routing Features

  • Emergency Routing -In the event of an emergency calls are always answered
  • Time, Day & Date Routing- Your business calls will be accessible outside office hours including Bank Holidays and weekends
  • Message Routing- Calls are routed to a recorded message e.g. advising customers on business opening times
  • Area Routing- Calls are routed according to staff resources at multiple locations
  • Divert Routing- Calls redirected to an additional office when the primary location is busy
  • Queue Routing- Calls held in a queue to ensure callers are not lost when the lines are busy
  • Volume Routing- A limit is set on the number of calls handled at any one time and any excess is re-routed to an alternative destination
  • Interactive Voice Routing (IVR)- The caller is transferred directly to the specialist best able to handle their enquiry.
  • Calling Line Identity (CLI)- Call automatically redirected to a designated location without the need for IVR
  • Voice Forms- A voice form automatically captures information so there is no need for handling staff to deal with the  call
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