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Our ISDN30 (Intergrated Services Digital Network) lines are the perfect voice and data solution for small to large businesses that require a minimum of eight lines, exceptional call quality and efficient data transfer

ISDN30 Benefits

  • Voice and Data Capability - Use ISDN for both voice and data calls.
  • Very high call quality which is far superior than analogue lines.
  • International data calls to other countries with ISDN services
  • Up to 30 channels which can be combined for higher bandwidth dependent applications such as video conferencing
  • Individual DDI numbers

Is ISDN30 for you?

Our ISDN30 lines are the ideal solution for small to large sized businesses with exceptionally high call volumes. Unlike traditional analogue lines, ISDN30 lines offer you a high performance digital phone service supporting up to 30 channels.

Not only do the multiple channels enable you to make multiple calls simultaneously but you can also combine the lines to allow for high bandwidth needs such as transferring large files.  Another advantage is that ISDN30 connections can also be used with either a digital switch or phone systems to manage your calls more effectively


Installation Process

The installation of a new ISDN30 takes 30 working days however porting and migrating of existing lines can be carried out in a shorter time frame. 

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